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MIXXMaster  V2.4

Mixxmaster is the quickest and easiest way to create simple MIDI sequences on your iPhone or iPad.

The Mixxmaster MIDI editor lets you edit your tracks with minimal effort. Adjust your notes, pitch bends, and control change events to perfection with the intuitive controls and gestures. Use the left and right arrow buttons to step through your sequence note by note.

An online help system guides your way.


Use our built in guitar, piano, and drum surfaces, external apps, or MIDI controllers with full core MIDI, Audiobus, and instrument plugin support to lay down your tracks. Includes basic piano, guitar, drum, and synth instruments to help you get started.


MIDI Space

MIDI Space is a 3D MIDI music player. It works great with .mid files or your MIDI keyboard. Check out the video. 

Coming soon for IOS.


Sirius Signal

Sirius Signal helps increase the chance to save lives in every situation on the water - the ultimate app in boating safety. 

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